13 01 2010

I have lead a relatively healthy life. Physically healthy I should clarify, not always socially or mentally healthy but no one gets it all.  I abhor sickness and generally talk myself out of it at the first sign of trouble. There are all kinds of voodoo tricks one can perform, from eating raw garlic to hitting the Zicam, and steady diet of Nyquil never hurts. This time, the sickness crept up on my like a Ninja, assaulting my respiratory system with what feels like a fierce rage. Fierce enough for me to go to the doctor, another thing of which I am not fond.  Especially when you get the joy of sitting in the examination room for over an hour without even the comfort of a Highlights Magazine to entertain. But sit I did, and at the end of my time of waiting I was given a prescription for something known only as a Z-pack.

A few hours later, after a drive across town to my pharmacy (my desire for a small town pharmacy experience vs the torture of Walgreens sends me to the East Side, horrors!) I was popping the first two of five pills that I will take in this escalated healing regimen.  Note, I took said first two pills in the car, eager for this pain to leave my throat and lungs.  Shocking, considering my deep seated fear of antibiotics and weakening my immune system in the coming apocalyptic days.  Normally I would take the hard way out, but, as I don’t enjoy a hacking ‘productive’ cough I jumped with both feet in to the wonderful world of Z-pack.

Once I arrived home I began my internet research on said Z-pack, and based on the feedback I have found via the world wide web I can expect loss of bowel control, depression, hallucinations and panic attacks. So I guess that I can expect tomorrow to be the same as every day and I can’t wait. The potential death of all the ‘healthy’ bacteria in my body is rather ominous, and no doubt not unlike having a giant milkshake. Let the good times roll. The only question is, what happens, hallucination wise if Z-pack is combined with Nyquil. Stay tuned.




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